Lingvanex for Slack

Communicate with your teammates all around the world, in over 112 languages with the Lingvanex Bot for Slack

Lingvanex is helping global teams break language barriers

Lingvanex Bot can simply solve a language barrier problem in your team, community, with your international clients and outsourcing partners. It automatically identifies the languages in a conversation and translates all messages of your team members into a chosen language.

Automatic translation in channels

Add Lingvanex Bot to any channel in your workspace in Slack to automatically translate every message send to that channel. You don’t need to copy-and-paste anymore. Just send your message in your native language, and within a few seconds, it will be translated automatically for all channel members to see.

This is a huge time saver!

Translate teammate messages with a single ‘click’

To translate a message in the channel, use the “more actions” menu or click on “…” in the message properties. In the menu that appears, select “Translate this message”.

In the modal window, select the translation language and click the Translate button. The message will be translated into the selected language immediately on the same channel. The phrase in the original language is preserved.

Handy /translate command

Just one command you need. Use the following command to translate text quickly:
/translate [lang] [text]

Where [lang] is a language code for the desired translation such as defres, etc. For example: /translate es Good morning!

Or just type /translate to open translation dialog with easy language selection and entering the text.

Seamless integration

Lingvanex Bot can invisibly translate conversations in any channel without duplication of messages. To enable this feature, authorize the application with “/auth” command. Your team members will see a translated message send by you and the original text attached.



  • 30000 Translated characters per month
  • 108 languages





  • Unlimited translations, up to 10 team members
  • Documents translation
  • 108 languages






  • Unlimited translations, up to 100 team members
  • Documents translation
  • 108 languages



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  • Unlimited translations, up to ????? team members
  • Documents translation
  • 108 languages

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